"She Flies" Mural
Illustration/Public Art
In 2019, I worked with Portland Thorns FC, and their non-profit Stand Together, to design and paint a mural on the concourse of Providence Park based on the state of Oregon's motto "She Flies With Her Own Wings." The goal was to create mural that not only engaged fans on match day, but inspired them.

While the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic caused some bumps along the way, I was able to complete it before the start of the Thorns' 2020 season with the help of friends and loved ones.

The final version of the mural, featuring three pairs of wings, are meant to symbolize the growth of life. They stand on a field of inspirational words, like " Fearless", "Brave", "Kind", and "Tough" - which were all submitted by the Thorns players themselves.
Early Design Concepts
Painting Process Photos
Completed Mural

"There's still hope, so I think we'll be fine." - S.H.